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We Did it!

For those who have visited us in the past, you know Zip Zag – Zip Line offers an amazing zip line experience in the summer but what do we do in the wintertime?

The truth is we build very large ICE DÔMES! So big in fact that in 2011 we built an ice dôme 30ft in diameter to claim a new Guinness record and we still own it to this day.

Just so happens the Québec winter carnival organizers found out about this special talent and contacted us to see if we could do something special for their 70th winter carnival edition coming up in early 2024.

Well after more than a year of discussions, meetings and negotiations, we are thrilled to report that Zip Zag will be going to Québec city this winter to build them a very special dôme for this important milestone !!!

Ice blocks will be made in New Brunswick and assembled in Québec prior to the event by team Zip Zag comprised entirely of volunteers from our region.

Needless to say we are very excited to plant our flag on top of this monumental structure which will be located in the heart of the iconic Québec city.

Stay tuned for updates as we get ready to take this one out of province!